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Building for the Future

Buildings play a central role in all of our lives. In addition to providing safe spaces to work, live and socialize, buildings can help address a number of new challenges – from helping mitigate climate impacts, to improving occupant health and wellness, to increasing a building’s resilience to natural disasters and beyond.

Products made possible by chemistry are giving architects, engineers, and designers the tools they need to create the high-performance, healthy, and sustainable buildings of the future.
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Building Materials

Material Science

This interdisciplinary field deals with the discovery, design and development of new and innovative materials.

Materials Selection

A number of tools, guides and frameworks are available to help inform materials selection decisions.
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Green Building

Green Building Codes, Standards & Rating Systems

Building codes are the bedrock of our modern built environment.

Green Building Certification Systems

Green building certification systems are used to assess a building project’s performance from a sustainability and environmental perspective.

More Building Topics

Chemistry & Circularity

Builders and their clients are often seeking to use materials that are repurposed from existing materials, contain recycled content, or are made to be more easily recyclable.

Product Safety & Transparency

Chemical information sharing has been at the core of many discussions about chemicals in the built environment.

Continuing Education Courses

Architects and designers can earn CEUs through our series of educational courses.