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Health & Wellness

Access to healthy living and working spaces is a basic human need. The goal of sustainable buildings and communities is to account for the health and well-being of the people living in them. Chemistry is helping create the next generation of building materials that seek to improve health across the spectrum, from construction workers to homeowners.

healthy-building-materials healthy-building-materials

Healthy Building Materials

Healthy buildings start with healthy materials. The first step to improving the health of building materials is to understand what is in them.
understanding-chemical understanding-chemical

Understanding Chemical Hazard, Exposure and Risk

Learn about the difference between chemical hazards and exposure and how these can impact risk.
indoor-quality indoor-quality

Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can have a significant impact on people’s health and wellness.
worker-safety worker-safety

Worker Health & Safety

Construction workers, contractors and tradespeople have different exposures to building ingredients than occupants.
eco eco

Environmental Justice

Learn about tools that can help building professionals address environmental justice and social equity in building projects.