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Building Exteriors Enhance Resilience Against Extreme Weather

June 7, 2024

Prevent Costly Repairs with Envelope Maintenance

The main reasons facility managers should maintain a building envelope are life safety, water tightness and efficiency.

February 8, 2024

Holistic Carbon Accounting

As our nation and the global community grapple with climate change, mounting attention is focusing on the impact of the built community. The building sector’s outsized contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is estimated to be a whopping 40%.

November 30, 2021

Oracle Explores the Future of Energy at New Smithsonian FUTURES Exhibit

Created by Oracle in collaboration with curators, ‘Future of Energy,’ aims to help visitors better understand how they use energy, ways to conserve it, and their role in building a clean energy future. On view through July 6, 2022, “FUTURES” is the Smithsonian’s first major building-wide exploration of the future.